Emergency vet

At Central Veterinary Clinic & Hospital, we do offer an on-call after-hours veterinary emergency service from:

  • 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm Mon-Fri
  • 11:00 am – 10:00 pm all weekend

Emergency consultations are available after-hours at the clinic with our on-call veterinarians. As our vets may be on farm/house visits or attending to sick patients, please call ahead to book an appointment to ensure a vet can be in attendance when you arrive. If the door is locked when you arrive, call (03) 9996 9574 and someone will open the door.

[The awkward part – please note, the cost of emergency consultations is $210, excluding tests and medications. This can usually be claimed through your pet insurance if you have appropriate emergency cover. *Please check with your insurance provider beforehand if you are unsure.]

Tarneit emergency vet – Central Veterinary Clinic & Hospital

Outside these hours, emergency centres we refer to are:

Geelong Animal Emergency

24 Hour Vet Emergency in Kensington & Melbourne | Advanced Vetcare

Greencross Animal Hospital, Werribee

***Note: If heading to a 24-hour emergency centre, please understand that animals are triaged on arrival and seen on an as need basis. Wait times of 2-6 hours are not unheard of, so phoning ahead to assess the situation and give the centre a heads up can be helpful. Emergency centre consult fees range from $215-250 upwards, depending on the time of day. Any tests and medications are in addition. When referring an animal, the emergency centres advise us to warn clients that, if work-up and hospitalisation is needed, treatment ranges upwards from $1500-2000 for the first 12 hours.***

***Note: Advanced Vet Care and Geelong Animal Emergency are emergency and specialist only clinics, who pride themselves on working with GP clinics to provide joint care. Histories are promptly sent back to your nominated GP clinic so they can follow-up as needed. If attending another emergency centre, please ask for the history to be referred back to your nominated clinic. This does not happen automatically.***

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