Soft tissue and orthopaedic surgeries at Central Veterinary Clinic & hospital

At Central Veterinary Clinic & Hospital we perform both routine and complex surgeries. We have the facilities and expertise to look after most of your pet’s needs. We take all precautions to ensure a smooth anesthesia and a successful outcome. These precautions include but are not limited to:

  1. We have separate cat and dog kennel areas to minimize patient stress.
  2. We offer pre-anaesthetic blood testing using the latest in-house blood machines. This is to determine if the organs are functioning well and to pick up any underlying kidney, liver, or pancreatic disease etc. which would warrant delaying surgery or changing our anesthetic approach. Read the following for more information: anaesthesia-and-your-pet.pdf (
  3. We assess every animal prior to their procedure. If your animal is discovered to have a heart murmur and possible heart disease, we will recommend chest xrays (which can be performed in house prior to the procedure), and possibly other tests and treatments to stabilise the heart disease prior to proceeding further.
  4. All animals undergoing anaesthesia, including desexings, are connected to intravenous fluids. This maintains blood pressure and perfusion through the kidneys, liver, and other vital organs whilst anaesthetised. It also ensures a smoother recovery.
  5. An animal’s temperature often drops during anaesthesia. We constantly monitor temperature and use warming mats and a fluid warmer to maintain your animal’s temperature as close to normal as possible. Our operating theatre is warm and we will even swelter if it means your animal stays warm.
  6. We have the latest monitoring equipment, including an apalert, pulse oximeter, capnograph, blood pressure monitor, and temperature probe. A dedicated nurse monitors the anaesthesia from induction to recovery.
  7. We have a surgical preparation area as well as a separate sterile operating theatre to ensure the surgical site stays as sterile as possible.
  8. We have a comprehensive pharmaeutical range to ensure we are prepared for most situations
  9. We have brand new and a comprehensive range of surgical equipment, including dedicated abdominal kit, soft palate surgery kit, and orthopaedic surgical powertools and equipment.
  10. Our vets have years of surgical experience and have attended further workshops to enhance their surgical skills.

Surgeries we perform:


  • Desexing (spay, castration)
  • Umbilical hernia repair
  • Prophylactic gastropexy
  • Hind dew claw removal
  • Deciduous canine teeth removal
  • Ear flush
  • Xrays under general anaesthesia


Our vets have years of experience doing routine cleans as well as complex extractions. All dental procedures are performed under general anaesthesia. (It is loud, there is water spraying everywhere, we need to access all areas of the inside of the mouth to properly assess teeth both above and below the gumline, and without general anaesthesia dentals would be scary and painful.) Once anaesthetised, we assess each tooth and the gums using a probe and dental xrays. We only remove teeth where they are diseased and where an extraction is necesssary. We use local anaesthetic blocks to make the procedure as pain-free as possible and to make the anaesthesia safer.

Soft tissue surgeries:

  • lump removal
  • stitch up, laceration repair
  • aural haematoma surgery
  • cherry eye surgery
  • eyelid lump removal
  • entropion
  • eye enucleation
  • lip fold resection
  • vulvoplasty
  • grass seed exploration
  • gastrotomy
  • intestinal foreign body surgery
  • mesenteric torsion surgery
  • linear foreign body surgery
  • cystotomy (bladder surgery)
  • pyometra surgery
  • caesarean section
  • unblocking male cats
  • BOAS surgery
  • anal gland removal
  • inguinal hernia repair


  • casting
  • extracapsular repair cruciate surgery
  • Patella surgery
  • TPLO surgery
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